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The Gift of Quitting- Buy a Vaporizer for a Smoker

Cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts millions of people worldwide. It’s especially heartbreaking when one watches a loved one develop a preventable form of this malady such as in the case of certain types of lung cancer. Peer-reviewed scientific studies have already proven that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer on a global basis. For years now, public health advisors have been issuing warnings and announcements about the dangers of smoking. There have also been numerous products, such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches, that have been created with the aim of assisting smokers in quitting. Unfortunately, it seems that even with the release of these aids, many smokers battle with their addiction and they just can’t seem to quit. The truth of the matter is simple; giving up smoking in a cold turkey manner is simply not effective. When someone is affected by a loved one or friend’s smoking, it’s quite natural to worry about them and ponder on how to possibly help the smoker quit. The answer to that question is easy- buying vaporizer and helping a smoker make the switch is the number one, and most effective way to quit in the twentieth century.

How is a vaporizer different from a cigarette or a blunt?

Smoking is a combustion heating process, where a substance such as marijuana or tobacco is burned and then directly inhaled. This type of heating method results in the creation of more than four thousand carcinogens, as well as tar and ash, which all ultimately end up in one’s lungs. Vaping is entirely unique in that it utilizes conduction or convection heating. These warming methods are guaranteed to never burn the herb material, which means a user will be inhaling a light vapor which only contains compounds of the actual herb such as THC. Inhalation of carbon monoxide is one of the main dangers of smoking, and vaping completely eliminates this cancerous element.

How will a vaporizer compare to smoking?

Using a vaporizer is a different sensation than smoking, yet it is similar enough to satisfy former smokers’ oral fixation. One of the strongest reasons that smokers have trouble giving up the habit is due to the hand to mouth movement associated with smoking. Vaping allows users to indulge in the harmless oral fixation part of their addiction while removing the cancer-causing components. As an added bonus, vaping does not create “second-hand” vapor, as the particles are so small, they disperse almost immediately which means it’s not dangerous to others in the vicinity. In a survey from 2015, former smokers that switched to vaping described the inhalation of vapor as “light, and delicious, but heavy enough to satisfy.”

How do I convince someone to switch from smoking to vaping?

The short answer is you don’t. The best advice for people purchasing a vaporizer for a smoker is to just have them try it. There are a wide range of vaporizers in the market, and some types such as vape pens, are especially recommended for former smokers. Vaporizers speak for themselves and unlike patches, or gum, they are pleasant to use and produce good feelings without the carcinogens. If you really want to give someone the gift of quitting, buy a vaporizer.

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