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Why Purchase a Vaporizer Pen

Why Purchase a Vaporizer Pen

Newest additions have been added in hopes to manufacture the best vape pen on the market have taken the industry by storm as we’ve witnessed newer technology that makes the vaporization process a lot more easier to do and handle. When you have a quality vaporizer pen with the right technology, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the full on effects of new vaporizer potency with the increased potency from a vaporizer that gives you roughly 85% more potent hits which will in-the-long-run save you lots of money from spending so much since you’re no longer smoking the herbal materials anymore, instead, you’re vaporizing it and this will give you a better type of experience from what you’re used to. There’s so many people that complain about how harmful marijuana can be when you smoke it. It causes breathing problems, respiratory problems and causes you to waste more herbal materials. Now we have high technology devices that will save you thousands of dollars instead of actually worrying about where you’re going to get your next fix. You will be able to hold on to more materials. Average you will save about 8 grams per ounce and you times that by 15 which is $120 an ounce you save. The ounce of marijuana will last you twice as long which is why the vaporizer pens have become a popular force recently for people trying to medicate to fulfill their problems. Most people cannot handle all the carcinogens that smoking causes and in result will be moving to new vaporizers that will safely do the job to make sure you get the correct vaporization.

2 New Vaporizer pens that we’ve seen blossom successfully in the market place. These vaporizers are our recommendation for what will work for you. Vaping concentrates, herbs or oils, we will list one for each type of materials which will give you a better idea of what will actually work.


Atmos jump portable vaporizer pen is a high quality device that wont let you down. This vaporizer is built out of carbon fiber materials which will safely protect the overall shell of the vaporizer when you have a durable material. The sleek overall design will make you feel a lot more comfortable when taking it out in public because the vaporizer pen is very discreet and will vape your materials with no problems at all. When you have a high quality vape pen like the Atmos Jump, you will see no problems or combustion when you’re vaping. The Atmos Jump is easily becoming the most popular and most sold vaporizer and is getting the most attention as a vaporizer itself as it uses a quality 1200mAH lithium ion battery that will give you vaping times of over 2 hours of continuous use.


Dr. Dabber Aura is one of the best wax pen vaporizers in the world.  It features 3 different wax atomizers to vaporize specific types of substances that a normal wax vaporizer wouldn’t be able to do. Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish: This type of atomizer works wonders with higher viscosity oils making the ease of use a lot easier and your flavor extremely enhanced as the Dr. Dabber Aura is the all-in-one vape pen for all your different types of concentrates.Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish: This is a unique and new type of atomizer specifically made for lower viscosity oils increasing the range of types of oils used with this new system made by Dr. Dabber. Ceramic Halo Heater: This atomizer is perfect for the thicker and waxier oils and will vaporize your wax shatter with ease as you won’t have to burn or melt the wax before loading into this atomizer. Dr. Dabber Aura has  3 heating levels to choose from. Nothing can compare with the ease of use the Dr. Dabber Aura wax vaporizer pen can feature. This is one of the newest and best wax dabbing vapor pens in the world now as the advanced atomizers that use Magnetic technology are new and different providing quick reloading and switching out your atomizers for the first time.