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Portable Weed Vaporizers Make It Easier

A portable vaporizer for weed can easily be used to heat up and smoke many kinds of  other dry herbs including tobacco. Many smokers have found this to be more desirable than smoking electronic cigarettes with e-liquid in them.

The herbs that people most commonly use in their portable vaporizer are  Weed / Marijuana, Hops, Damiana, Lavender, Chamomile, Green Tea and Peppermint. Each of these herbs gives off a scent when vaporized that smokers often love , especially cannabis. These herbs can be combined to create a unique flavor for one’s electronic cigarette or herbal vaporizer.

Damiana is an dry herb that when it is heated up has a calming effect on anyone who smells it. The traditional way to use Damiana is to use it to make tea. In Central America people began using Damiana as both an herbal medicine and as a drink many years ago. The Mayan people have long considered Damiana an aphrodisiac. They, as well as others around the world, often use this herb to treat a variety of medical conditions, including both depression and asthma.

Green Tea is another dry herb often used to treat certain medical conditions just as marijuana is being used. The Chinese have always used it as a medicine. Green Tea has proven effective when it comes to calming down normal aches and pains as well as in helping people suffering from depression. When green tea leaves are heated at a high temperature the caffeine in the leaves serves to give people more energy. The caffeine in green tea used in a vaporizer for dry herbs kicks in quicker than it does when one simply drinks green tea. Other benefits of using green tea leaves in a vaporizer are that it helps people digest better and that it also works as an anti-irritant.

Chamomile is another that when used in a vaporizer can help aid in a person’s digestion. People who smoke chamomile are less likely to suffer from indigestion than those who don’t. When it comes to blending herbs, Chamomile is often mixed with sativa. This is said to be an effective way to combat stress.

Peppermint is also a popular herb to use in a portable vaporizer because it can aid people in many ways. For many who use a portable vaporizer, peppermint is their favorite herb to use. There are some herbs that have a very strong flavor to them when used in a vaporizer. Peppermint is often combined with other herbs because the flavor makes strong flavors of herbs less intense, which many smokers prefer. When people use peppermint in their portable weed vaporizer they can use it to cut down on the amount of mucus in their body when they have a sinus infection or a simple cold.

Those who enjoy a good beer will often use hops in their portable vaporizer. The hops that smokers use in their portable vaporizer could be minty, sweet, spicy, woody or floral in taste. This is another herb that many smokers blend with other herbs to create a unique and desirable flavor that increases their enjoyment when they smoke.

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