The Gift of Quitting- Buy a Vaporizer for a Smoker

Cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts millions of people worldwide. It’s especially heartbreaking when one watches a loved one develop a preventable form of this malady such as in the case of certain types of lung cancer. Peer-reviewed scientific studies have already proven that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer on a global basis. For years now, public health advisors have been issuing warnings and announcements about the dangers of smoking. There have also been numerous products, such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches, that have been created with the aim of assisting smokers in quitting. Unfortunately, it seems that even with the release of these aids, many smokers battle with their addiction and they just can’t seem to quit. The truth of the matter is simple; giving up smoking in a cold turkey manner is simply not effective. When someone is affected by a loved one or friend’s smoking, it’s quite natural to worry about them and ponder on how to possibly help the smoker quit. The answer to that question is easy- buying vaporizer and helping a smoker make the switch is the number one, and most effective way to quit in the twentieth century.

How is a vaporizer different from a cigarette or a blunt?

Smoking is a combustion heating process, where a substance such as marijuana or tobacco is burned and then directly inhaled. This type of heating method results in the creation of more than four thousand carcinogens, as well as tar and ash, which all ultimately end up in one’s lungs. Vaping is entirely unique in that it utilizes conduction or convection heating. These warming methods are guaranteed to never burn the herb material, which means a user will be inhaling a light vapor which only contains compounds of the actual herb such as THC. Inhalation of carbon monoxide is one of the main dangers of smoking, and vaping completely eliminates this cancerous element.

How will a vaporizer compare to smoking?

Using a vaporizer is a different sensation than smoking, yet it is similar enough to satisfy former smokers’ oral fixation. One of the strongest reasons that smokers have trouble giving up the habit is due to the hand to mouth movement associated with smoking. Vaping allows users to indulge in the harmless oral fixation part of their addiction while removing the cancer-causing components. As an added bonus, vaping does not create “second-hand” vapor, as the particles are so small, they disperse almost immediately which means it’s not dangerous to others in the vicinity. In a survey from 2015, former smokers that switched to vaping described the inhalation of vapor as “light, and delicious, but heavy enough to satisfy.”

How do I convince someone to switch from smoking to vaping?

The short answer is you don’t. The best advice for people purchasing a vaporizer for a smoker is to just have them try it. There are a wide range of vaporizers in the market, and some types such as vape pens, are especially recommended for former smokers. Vaporizers speak for themselves and unlike patches, or gum, they are pleasant to use and produce good feelings without the carcinogens. If you really want to give someone the gift of quitting, buy a vaporizer.

CBD: Can it treat seizures?

CBD is a compound with pharmaceutical properties that is found in both cannabis and hemp plants. The plant type that CBD is derived from is extremely important, as only CBD produced from hemp is legal in all fifty U.S. states. Hemp is a unique plant since it was specifically cultivated to be THC-free. By eliminating the psychoactive component, THC, from the mix, users are able to enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of CBD without the risk of getting high and experiencing possible impairment. There are currently several official uses for CBD, but the most promising appears to be as a treatment for seizures. The FDA brought cannabidiol (CBD) to the spotlight in June 2018 with its newest medicine, Epidiolex.

Epidiolex is an oral solution that is administered for the treatment of Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). Both of these pediatric disorders are severe types of epilepsy where the victim suffers uncontrollable seizures. In 2017, a double-blind, multicenter, placebo trial was published by, which proved that the use of CBD significantly dropped the frequency of seizure occurrences in patients suffering from LGS. Several more studies have been done since that date that all confirm the same fact: the use of CBD is not only well tolerated in these cases, but also highly effective in reducing seizures this patient demographic.

The question now is could CBD possibly be the answer for seizures in general? There are many different forms of epilepsy that can afflict all age ranges from neonates to the geriatric population. While many studies have been done in relation to Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome, there are is little to no research being done on treating seizures with CBD caused by other factors such as stroke, brain trauma, autoimmune diseases such as Sjorgren’s syndrome, and generalized epilepsy.

Even the way CBD works to provide this relief from seizures is currently up for debate, as there are two proposed theories. One theory is that stimulates the hippocampus (part of the brain) and acts on a receptor to disrupt a seizure from taking place. The other theory is that it has a unique interaction with NMDA receptors in general and acts as a protectant. Since the current mode of action is currently not clear, but the results are, it’s obvious that further research is warranted into CBD as a treatment for seizures in general. Limiting treatment and research to only two types of epileptic syndromes is completely ridiculous. The hope for the future of seizure treatment as a whole is CBD- we simply need to utilize the resources and further study the matter.

CBD and Senior Citizens

Getting older is not fun, and as we age, the likelihood of developing various ailments and disorders substantially increases. There is no way to defy this aging process, but what if we had a way to decrease the aches and pains associated with growing older? With the legalization of CBD in all fifty states, senior citizens now have a way to age gracefully and to have a high quality of life. It doesn’t matter whether they choose to consume their CBD via edibles, as a tincture, or vape this miracle substance, the benefits are limitless. Below is a list of the many advantages associated with the use of CBD for seniors.

CBD Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Studies have shown that CBD directly interacts with neurotransmitters associated with inflammation and pain. The body’s production of endocannabinoids due to intake of CBD consistently shows positive impacts on people’s mood, pain, and immune responses. Seniors are already predisposed to developing excruciating conditions such as arthritis (which is inflammation of the joints), and prior to the use of CBD, treatment was limited to artificial drugs such as corticosteroids which have a myriad of negative side effects. With CBD widely available, our elderly now has access to a better and safer alternative treatment.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia-Related Diseases

Every senior citizen runs the risk of acquiring age-related conditions such as dementia. CBD is now being studied as a possible treatment to reduce symptoms, and is already proving to be promising. California’s Salk Institute recently released research to the public showing that CBD prevents the decline of memory function and preserves brain cells. A 2011 study performed by Tim Karl backs this information up, and additionally purported the growth of new brain cells. Although the FDA has not formally announced the use of CBD as a treatment for dementia, all the evidence supports its potential use and it would be smart for seniors to take CBD as a precautionary measure.

CBD is cheaper than prescription drugs

Instead of taking a cocktail of anti-pain and anti-inflammatory medications, seniors now have the choice to use CBD. High quality CBD oils can run around $35 and edible gummies go for as low as $19.99. When you compare the price of CBD versus a prescription drug such as Cymbalta (commonly prescribed to treat osteoarthritis) which is $473 per bottle, you’ll quickly discover why seniors are upset about healthcare costs. Prescription drugs are over-priced to an extreme and even with medical insurance can be inaccessible to this vulnerable population.

Overview Of Health Vaporizers Vape Pen Guide

Overview Of Health Vaporizers Vape Pen Guide

When reading the ultimate vape pen guide that took over 2016, there’s a lot of information to inherit that will really help you understand the entire process of how a vape pen actually works.  From cheap vape pens to the most expensive high quality vape pens, there’s a guide of information within that article that will really teach you the exact method that needs to be taken prior to making your first vape pen purchase when you are looking for a new vape pens for sale online.

As you may know, there are many new vape pens you can purchase online that will make the entire vaporization process a lot easier when it comes down to buying the product and using it. There are really good vape pens and really low quality vape pens but in the guide it will show you everything you need to make the best purchase online and to get the most out of your money.

HealthVaporizers.Com Vape Pen Guide

Understanding the basics of buying a vaporizer is the most important thing you need to do when you are buying a brand new vaporizer pen and looking for all the quality traits.

Wax Vape Pen

When buying a wax vape pen you need to look at the atomizer as the most important tool there’s to have when you have the pen vaporizer you want in sight. Quartz crystal glass lining within the pen vaporizer is really important and titanium coil with japanese cotton is the highest quality. Having the battery indicator lights and actual other atomizers that will come with the vape pen kit based off the viscosity of concentrates you have is very important indicator for getting a high quality vaporizer. Dual quartz titanium atomizer in vertical alignment is the best for hash oils while a ceramic halo atomizer for your vape pen is best for wax shatter.  For e-Liquids it is best to buy a top tank  and box mod as the power will help you get the most out of vaping.

Overview Of Health Vaporizers Vape Pen Guide

Herbal Vape Pen

There are plenty of herbal vape pens out there. The most important thing you need to understand about an herbal pen vaporizer is the heating. You need to make sure the heating is convection heating so the herbs never touch anything hot and burn the herbs. Temperature settings with OLED controls are advanced modules for a vape pen that just make everything more precise and you get the most out of your vaporization. An herbal pen vaporizer that uses convection heating with a battery of over 1200mAH is perfect for starters that need to buy a cheap pen vaporizer.

When all comes down to buying a new pen vaporizer it is just important to read complete vape pen guide online so you can purchase the right vape pen and not waste your money on something that will only break down in a couple of months .

Wax Vape Pens

If you’re not buying a new cheap vape pen, you’re missing out on tremendous amounts of savings. The thing with buying a new pen vaporizer is that there’s so many different types of benefits to go from. When buying a new cheap vape pen, you need to look at all the different types of scenarios for the different methods of vaporization as there’s herbs, waxes and oil vape. As there’s many choices to go off of, you need to understand the basic things you want to use. When you’re looking for a brand new vape pen, there’s nothing better to choose than the main name brand vape pens that are always going to be for sale on many websites you see, you just have to understand what’s exactly going on when you want to buy a new vape pen.


The First Vaporizer pen we are going to talk about that needs to be purchased if you’re dedicated to dabbing your wax concentrates is the Dr. Dabber Aura vaporizer, it is a really high quality vape pen that is made out of Quartz Crystal lining able to vaporize different viscosity of oils, waxes and other concentrates to such a high degree. It comes equipped with different atomizers, 3 of them which include the 3 complete custom vaping atomizers that comes with your product – 1) is the Dual Quartz With Quartz Dish, 2) Dual Ceramic Rod With Quartz Dish, 3) Ceramic Halo Heater. These different atomizers are the perfect type to be using all the time when you’re using a quality wax vaporizer for sale. The reason why this is the best type of vape pen kit to buy is the fact you’re getting everything you need out of a high quality vaporizer like the Dr. Dabber Aura. It also comes equipped with its new snap-tech technology to where you get to see beneficial factors of using a vaporizer like the Dr. Dabber Aura new atomizers. Snap Technology requires no threading, instead of wasting time and screwing on threading to the atomizer and battery, simply connect these two vapes up together and it will automatically come together without any problems at all. Loading your concentrates and botanical are very easy with the simple fact it comes with all the loading tools you need as well as the fact you get everything you need while using this quality vaporizer. Buying the Dr. Dabber Aura vaporizer would be a really good investment for someone needing a great pen vaporizer.


One other pen vaporizer you might want to consider is the Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen. It uses titanium technology and you can get it at a very affordable price. The reason why we pick the Dr. Dabber Ghost is the fact it comes with a low price for you to always want to make sure you get the most out of vaping. If you want to get a quality vaporizer like the Dr. Dabber Aura, you might want to try something less expensive like the Dr. Dabber Ghost. All the basic components are in tact and ready to use at any time you need a good vape pen. This is the type of vaporizer you can use for waxes, botanicals and oils at any time you need a great atomizer. One thing for sure, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is the best type of vape pen you can always use at any time, any place. If you need a good quality vaporizer, the Ghost is the one you can count on to get the job done. When you pick up the Dr. Dabber Ghost, you get the Glass globe attachment which is a great atomizer to have especially if you don’t feel like melting down the waxes yourself. The Ghost is the best styled vape pen for you to always use at any second of the day. The Glass Globe attachment acts as an oil tank itself and should only be used if you plan on storing some concentrates in the tank for later use, it is always a good idea to maintain this responsibility for you to be a full blown vaporizer fan.

We put together the best vaping experiences for anyone needing to better their life in a positive direction. When it comes down to the fact, you can’t refute the evidence that shows in a quality vaporizer. For the simple fact with a vaporizer, you’re no longer burning any more stems and leaf material anymore, you’re inhaling pure botanical which is the active ingredient inside your vaping. Vaporizers save you 95% on your health since it filters that much and you get 85% higher potency. With this metric in hand, it is easy for you to calculate the benefits and savings you get with a wax vaporizer or any type of vape pens period.

Why Purchase a Vaporizer Pen

Why Purchase a Vaporizer Pen

Newest additions have been added in hopes to manufacture the best vape pen on the market have taken the industry by storm as we’ve witnessed newer technology that makes the vaporization process a lot more easier to do and handle. When you have a quality vaporizer pen with the right technology, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the full on effects of new vaporizer potency with the increased potency from a vaporizer that gives you roughly 85% more potent hits which will in-the-long-run save you lots of money from spending so much since you’re no longer smoking the herbal materials anymore, instead, you’re vaporizing it and this will give you a better type of experience from what you’re used to. There’s so many people that complain about how harmful marijuana can be when you smoke it. It causes breathing problems, respiratory problems and causes you to waste more herbal materials. Now we have high technology devices that will save you thousands of dollars instead of actually worrying about where you’re going to get your next fix. You will be able to hold on to more materials. Average you will save about 8 grams per ounce and you times that by 15 which is $120 an ounce you save. The ounce of marijuana will last you twice as long which is why the vaporizer pens have become a popular force recently for people trying to medicate to fulfill their problems. Most people cannot handle all the carcinogens that smoking causes and in result will be moving to new vaporizers that will safely do the job to make sure you get the correct vaporization.

2 New Vaporizer pens that we’ve seen blossom successfully in the market place. These vaporizers are our recommendation for what will work for you. Vaping concentrates, herbs or oils, we will list one for each type of materials which will give you a better idea of what will actually work.


Atmos jump portable vaporizer pen is a high quality device that wont let you down. This vaporizer is built out of carbon fiber materials which will safely protect the overall shell of the vaporizer when you have a durable material. The sleek overall design will make you feel a lot more comfortable when taking it out in public because the vaporizer pen is very discreet and will vape your materials with no problems at all. When you have a high quality vape pen like the Atmos Jump, you will see no problems or combustion when you’re vaping. The Atmos Jump is easily becoming the most popular and most sold vaporizer and is getting the most attention as a vaporizer itself as it uses a quality 1200mAH lithium ion battery that will give you vaping times of over 2 hours of continuous use.


Dr. Dabber Aura is one of the best wax pen vaporizers in the world.  It features 3 different wax atomizers to vaporize specific types of substances that a normal wax vaporizer wouldn’t be able to do. Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish: This type of atomizer works wonders with higher viscosity oils making the ease of use a lot easier and your flavor extremely enhanced as the Dr. Dabber Aura is the all-in-one vape pen for all your different types of concentrates.Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish: This is a unique and new type of atomizer specifically made for lower viscosity oils increasing the range of types of oils used with this new system made by Dr. Dabber. Ceramic Halo Heater: This atomizer is perfect for the thicker and waxier oils and will vaporize your wax shatter with ease as you won’t have to burn or melt the wax before loading into this atomizer. Dr. Dabber Aura has  3 heating levels to choose from. Nothing can compare with the ease of use the Dr. Dabber Aura wax vaporizer pen can feature. This is one of the newest and best wax dabbing vapor pens in the world now as the advanced atomizers that use Magnetic technology are new and different providing quick reloading and switching out your atomizers for the first time.

Portable Weed Vaporizers Make It Easier

A portable vaporizer for weed can easily be used to heat up and smoke many kinds of  other dry herbs including tobacco. Many smokers have found this to be more desirable than smoking electronic cigarettes with e-liquid in them.

The herbs that people most commonly use in their portable vaporizer are  Weed / Marijuana, Hops, Damiana, Lavender, Chamomile, Green Tea and Peppermint. Each of these herbs gives off a scent when vaporized that smokers often love , especially cannabis. These herbs can be combined to create a unique flavor for one’s electronic cigarette or herbal vaporizer.

Damiana is an dry herb that when it is heated up has a calming effect on anyone who smells it. The traditional way to use Damiana is to use it to make tea. In Central America people began using Damiana as both an herbal medicine and as a drink many years ago. The Mayan people have long considered Damiana an aphrodisiac. They, as well as others around the world, often use this herb to treat a variety of medical conditions, including both depression and asthma.

Green Tea is another dry herb often used to treat certain medical conditions just as marijuana is being used. The Chinese have always used it as a medicine. Green Tea has proven effective when it comes to calming down normal aches and pains as well as in helping people suffering from depression. When green tea leaves are heated at a high temperature the caffeine in the leaves serves to give people more energy. The caffeine in green tea used in a vaporizer for dry herbs kicks in quicker than it does when one simply drinks green tea. Other benefits of using green tea leaves in a vaporizer are that it helps people digest better and that it also works as an anti-irritant.

Chamomile is another that when used in a vaporizer can help aid in a person’s digestion. People who smoke chamomile are less likely to suffer from indigestion than those who don’t. When it comes to blending herbs, Chamomile is often mixed with sativa. This is said to be an effective way to combat stress.

Peppermint is also a popular herb to use in a portable vaporizer because it can aid people in many ways. For many who use a portable vaporizer, peppermint is their favorite herb to use. There are some herbs that have a very strong flavor to them when used in a vaporizer. Peppermint is often combined with other herbs because the flavor makes strong flavors of herbs less intense, which many smokers prefer. When people use peppermint in their portable weed vaporizer they can use it to cut down on the amount of mucus in their body when they have a sinus infection or a simple cold.

Those who enjoy a good beer will often use hops in their portable vaporizer. The hops that smokers use in their portable vaporizer could be minty, sweet, spicy, woody or floral in taste. This is another herb that many smokers blend with other herbs to create a unique and desirable flavor that increases their enjoyment when they smoke.

Vaporizers Continue To Rise in Popularity

It appears that new methodologies to quitting smoking surface consistently. From spellbinding to needle therapy, individuals are ready to take a stab at anything that will help free them of the well being issues connected with smoking. While most studies show that quitting immediately is the best method, it is additionally the most troublesome. Numerous potential quitters simply require somewhat outside help.

Some failed attempts to smoking

The two smoking suspension supports that have gained the most press and have notoriety for being powerful are nicotine patches and nicotine gum. At the heart of both these systems is the ticket of changing how the nicotine is conveyed. By not needing to smoke tobacco to accept its element (nicotine), the negative well-being impacts of smoking are deflected. While these two methodologies have worked for some quitters, for some there is a penchant to mistake and smoke in conjunction with the utilization of the gum. One of the reasons most ordinarily referred to for this inclination is that while the individual is accepting the nicotine they need, they miss the methodology and social parts of smoking. So you should get a new vaporizer for ultimate satisfaction with no loss of health.

The concept of smoking and vaporizing

Dry herb vaporization is another smoking option that is rapidly picking up notoriety. Vaporizing or vaporization is the procedure of passing hot air (created by a vaporizer) through the plant material and breathing in the result. By exactly controlling the air temperature, these can produce vapor holding nicotine. Notwithstanding, this vapor does not hold the destructive cancer-causing agents and tars that are found in smoke. This is because of the way that this discharges the dynamic parts at a much lower temperature than the purpose of burning so no carbon is copied. To vaporize you basically require dry herb and a vaporizer. There is an extensive variety of them accessible today, yet every one of them has a filling chamber or plate where the marijuana is set. Clients can either fill this chamber with their most loved unadulterated cannabis or purchase prefilled plates from the producer of the vaporizer.

Smokers Are Accepting The Challenge

Today vaporizers are a standout amongst the most looked for after machines. They may be convenient vaporizers, advanced vaporizers, cannabis vaporizers or manual ones yet they are all huge hits in the now well being cognizant world.

Free of cancer causing agent

Vaporizing is the methodology of warming a certain substance to a temperature simply beneath ignition/ blazing, so the regular characters of the substances will in the long run develop out of its strong structure and will handle a dim vapor. Vaporizing is known to be the healthier option to smoking, on the grounds that there is no real blazing that happens, thus there are no tar and no cancer-causing agents. Due to these profits, vaporizers have gradually gotten home necessities for individuals who smoke, used to smoke and the individuals who plan to smoke.

Vaporizers’ Uses are Specific

Buy vaporizer for your health which have particular utilization. At the point when the vaporizer was initially composed, there are concerns, for example, security and the sturdiness of the machine which were set at the core phase of the preparation process. Ultimately, all of the vaporizer was intended for a proposition vaporizing-hence it is not encouraged to utilize the vaporizer for different things. Vaporizers guarantees maintaining healthy lungs in the smokers with less dense smokes through which they can get their ultimate enjoyment.